Among Flowers

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High Tide [Mordor’s Eye Series-IV] _ 2010

C-Print on Aludibond & Acrilic Glass

[Also available in Museum Glass 4mm – UltraSec® M /450 €]

48 X 27 cm

1 Exemplar from [Edition of 10]


[Sold alone or as a complete series]




         There was a time where people played to raise a tower from which they could see the (whole) world. Almost a new Babel’s defy. The pride from one side of the city was the fear from the other. What was this cement pupil that contemplated their deeds and tribulations? The days passed under its shade while new tiny cataclysms leaded the steps of the passers-by. The fear dissolved away slowly and the tower became the rotation axis of a new, free, city. till its pride requires always looking up, as if she was a deity. But though she doesn’t like it, she leaves traces on the wet surfaces. The rain that comes from much higher territories becomes an ally helping to draw her on many secret unnoticed places, in between frontiers that only can be perceived by a look predisposed to tell stories. This sample of images will let you imagine some of them.
        Natalia worked on Mordor’s Eye series for three years looking and hunting the reflections of the Berlin TV Tower after the rain (2009-2012). In winter, fall, at spring and summer, mornings, afternoons… All for the fugitive beauty hide in the floor.


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