I like to watch, to stare at things, to contemplate…
We all look anyway.
Most people enjoy looking endeed.
In the beginning there was chaos.
Then out of the void appeared Night and Erebus,
the unknowable place where death dwells.
Men use to say that in this very darkness all
is emptiness and silence, that this very darkness
is an endless mantle of uncertainty.
I do think however that darkness may be a shelter,
a clean, pure refuge for things to be born.
Things like colours, forms, white and delicate
presences, auras, little woods of images and softly words…
Imagomagic has the aim to be a shelter.
Cleaning ladies, phototriers, plumbers,
writers, lunatics, miserable,
painters, poets, sailors, scientists, lovers,
professors, innocents, foreigners
are kindly invited to share it.
The universe is immense, full of celestial bodies.

Trabajos fotográficos anteriores — former photographical works


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